SHOT Show Retailer Seminars

The last few years have seen more dealers exploring the benefits of working with NFA firearms and accessories. The firearms side in particular can offer higher-than-normal margins, thanks to the finite product availability, while sound suppressors continue to trend high among consumers. But dealers who haven’t worked with NFA products before can be intimidated by the paperwork and process for acquiring and transferring these goods to qualified consumers. To help with that, NSSF’s Compliance Consultant Team Member Wally Nelson will be presenting the Retailer Seminar “NFA Forms: Get Them Right the First Time” at the 2017 SHOT Show.

Wally Nelson

Wally Nelson

Nelson is a retired ATF Deputy Assistant Director (DAD) with more than 30 years of experience with the Bureau. As DAD he directed all regulatory firearms programs including the development and monitoring of firearms inspection programs, licensing, NFA, imports, tracing and regulations, as well as the firearms technology branch. He retired from ATF in October 2005, and for the past nine years he has brought his expertise in firearms laws and regulations to firearms industry members as a private consultant. In that capacity he has conducted FFL site visits to review required records and sample firearms inventories, provided employee training, helped to develop compliance plans and assisted FFLs of all types and sizes with ATF compliance and licensing issues.

“NFA Forms: Do Them Right the First Time” will take place Tuesday, January 17, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. During this seminar, Nelson will discuss NFA regulations and forms from the point of view of the retailer. He will cover ATF Form 3, the significantly revised ATF Form 4 and the new Responsible Person Questionnaire ATF Form 5320.23 in detail. He’ll also talk about current processing times, in order to help both retailers new to NFA sales and veteran NFA dealers set the proper customer expectations. Bring a notepad and pen, because this 90-minute session will provide significant time for questions and answers.

You can reserve your seat for this session once you have successfully registered to attend the 2017 SHOT Show. The seminar is $25 for both NSSF Members and non-members, and all FFLs are encouraged to attend. Range owners and operators who permit the use of NFA firearms and accessories at their facilities are also invited to attend. Simply log in to your dashboard at and add this seminar to your shopping cart. You may also view all our other Retailer Seminars scheduled for the week, see information on sessions for SHOT Show University and LEEP sessions and reserve your attendance for those sessions that also suit your needs.