June is less than a week away, and that means NSSF is about to ramp up all things SHOT Show 2017. With most of the booth changes completed last week, we also know that now many if not most of our exhibitors are also beginning the work of organizing their displays and business plans for next January’s show. One of those business plan components that should be in your wheelhouse is investing in a SHOT Show sponsorship.

Notice I just said “investment”—because that’s what a sponsorship is. And if you’re going to make an investment, you certainly want and expect a positive return on it, so let’s talk a bit about how to do that.

As you know, SHOT Show is a big event, one of the biggest trade-only shows in the country, and it’s your one opportunity to have your brand impact the vast majority of everyone who’s anyone in our industry. Sponsorship can absolutely do that, but how do you choose? Print ads? Digital signage? Hotel room key cards? New Product Center? Spotlight Videos or in-room hotel television ads? You may even have an idea for sponsorship that you haven’t seen in a past SHOT Show (we’re always open to suggestions).

The choices are many, certainly, but the good news is that they come in all shapes and sizes and on a scale to fit a wide variety of budgets. To help you decide, we’ve just released the 2016 SHOT Show Sponsorship Highlights Report. There you’ll find information to help you make the decision that’s best for your business, including numbers of television ad views, SHOT Show Mobile App views, New Product Center scans, banner ad clicks and impressions and much, much more. From there all you have to do is email me, Dave Jeannette, NSSF Senior Director, Sales, or Chris Tatulli, NSSF Director, Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales, and have either of us work through the details of the available sponsorships that interest you and find the ones that best fit your needs and expected returns. You can find me at, and Chris can be reached at We look forward to hearing from you!

Dave Jeannette is Senior Director, Sales for the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Follow him on Twitter at @DaveJeannette.