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I recently spoke with Elaine Hayden Roe, Director of Daniel Technologies. A multi-faceted online distributor of firearms and related accessories based in Ireland, Daniel Technologies has come to rely on its attendance at SHOT Show to build its product lines and gather the individual product information it needs to fully service its customers. I strongly encourage SHOT Show’s exhibitors and other international attendees to read all the way through to my note at the end about NSSF’s newest Retailer Seminar, Guidance on UK/U.S. Import/Export Legislation. Elaine offers some insight on why this session should be of great benefit to both exhibitors and buyers attending this year’s show.

Jon Hunter: How long have you been attending SHOT Show?

Elaine Hayden Roe: Daniel Technologies has been sending some of its team to Shot Show since 2006.

JH: What drives you to cross the Atlantic and attend the show?

EHR: It is important for us to attend because it allows us to interact with fellow U.S. and European distributors of Law Enforcement product lines. We also like to see, first hand, what innovations are coming down the line for specific market programmes, plus it's a great opportunity to send our team to meet some people who may not always travel to Europe.

JH: What’s one of the biggest benefits you get from your time at the show?

EHR: For me, it's all about communicating with our existing suppliers. It's so important to visit everyone we work well with. History will show that our best reference for seeking new suppliers is your existing supply chain.

JH: Is there a particular way you and your team approach your time at the show?

EHR: It's hard to put it into percentage terms, but the DanTec team will break up into groups for some periods at SHOT and spend one day, if not two, exploring new potential product lines and/or suppliers. But, to be honest, the value of attending SHOT Show itself as an overseas visitor is not just about what happens on the show floor during the day. After-hours networking via dinners, presentations, supplier events and more are even more important. That chance introduction at a dinner or event can, and has, led to some great work we have done with companies over the years.

JH: Do you have a particular memory of this that comes to mind?

EHR: Yes, a prime example was a brief introduction to Chad Barber over at Trijicon in 2011. The rest is history, especially when you look at the success that has been mutually enjoyed by Daniel Technologies and Trijicon in select markets.

JH: Thanks, Elaine, we’re looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas in next week:

EHR: Thank you! SHOT Show is a vital part of our calendar and we very much look forward to attending again in 2017


There is one note I’d like to add to this interview. In speaking with Elaine, she mentioned that during booth visits, she and her team sometimes see a void of information when it comes to some exhibitors dealing with international markets, licensing, export duty tariffs and so on. NSSF made a substantial effort to address that exact concern this year with its Retailer Seminar Guidance on UK/U.S. Import/Export Legislation. The session takes place Wednesday, January 18 from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. and will be hosted by John Batley, one of Britain’s leading experts on international firearms trade with Great Britain. Limited seating is available for this special session, and I’d encourage every international attendee, as well as exhibiting company heads who can take the time off the show floor at the end of the day, to attend this event. For more information on this session, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.