Hotel Check-In

Every year about this time we hear from our show management partners at ConvExx that our discounted hotel blocks are selling out. This year is no exception.

We were just notified that the lowest-priced rooms in the Venetian/Palazzo Resort have sold out. Rooms booked through our block are still heavily discounted from those currently sold on the Venetian/Palazzo website, but rates are increasing. We’ve also been told that several hotels on the Strip are nearing sold-status for the NSSF-negotiated discounted rates. In other words, rooms are still available at all hotels, but the discounted rates are quickly disappearing.

As has been the case for the past several years, Las Vegas is hosting a number of other trade shows at the same time the 2018 SHOT Show takes place. And while it seems the skyline of Vegas always contains a dozen cranes in the midst of constructing new high-rise hotels, the truth is that the number of available hotel rooms is finite — just ask me how many phone calls we get in December and January from people asking for help because they can’t find a hotel in town.

I can’t emphasize this enough: If you want easy access to the 2018 SHOT Show via a hotel that’s within walking distance of the Sands Convention Center, or is one of the many connected to the Sands via our SHOT Show shuttle buses or the Las Vegas Monorail, please reserve your hotel room now.

SHOT Show Hotels

Click image to go to the SHOT Show hotel reservation page.

It’s easy. Go to and hover your mouse over the “Las Vegas” heading at the top of the page, then click the “Hotel and Travel” link in the dropdown menu. The page that pops up displays all the hotels NSSF has worked with to provide blocks of hotel rooms to SHOT Show attendees, including the Venetian/Palazzo, our show headquarters hotels. We have already worked with each of these establishments to provide the best price when you book through our reservation partner onPeak (or through the dedicated link for the VenetiaPalazzo), so there’s no need to haggle with them on your end or spend hours on the phone or online shopping for a deal.

Remember that bookings listed at are in real time, which means if we display it, it’s there, and you won’t get a page that says, “Sorry, this rate is sold out, but here’s one that costs $XX more.” And there are rooms literally for every budget, starting with Circus Circus, which still has select rooms available for $29 a night, to the Cosmopolitan, with rooms currently starting at $225 per night. Sure, you can spend more, but that’s totally up to you.

With the exception of the Venetian/Palazzo, which requires a one-night deposit with your reservation, booking your hotel through our reserved blocks with onPeak will cost you nothing. You can even book your entire staff as one group without a deposit, and if that group or your travel plans shift, there are no change or cancellation fees until closer to show time. Bottom line, you have nothing to lose by booking your hotel room now — and it’ll sure beat calling us in December when you find the only room available is closer to Reno than it is to Vegas.