New Product Development - Suppliers Showcase - SHOT Show

New Product Development - Suppliers Showcase - SHOT ShowSince announcing that we will be expanding the Supplier Showcase to encompass two days during the 2018 SHOT Show, our phones have been ringing off their hooks with third-party suppliers looking to get on board. Many of those suppliers are excited to be a part of this event not just for the obvious networking advantages, but because this year they are bringing to market dozens of new products and services they believe will greatly enhance the design and production processes of our industry’s manufacturers.

In light of this, NSSF has created the Supplier Showcase Product Development Center. Much like the New Product Center highlights the hottest firearms, ammunition and accessories coming to market for the coming year, our Supplier’s Product Development Center will feature those tools, machinery, plastics, metal extrusions, fabrics, OE materials, fabrication, logistics, software or other products that will be making an impact with manufacturers in the shooting and outdoor sporting industries. Best of all, the new center will be available for all SHOT Show attendees throughout the entire SHOT Show, creating additional opportunities for anyone in our industry to connect with these valuable third-party suppliers.

Products will be displayed in locked, secure Lucite cabinets on Level Two of the Venetian Congress Center adjacent to the Law Enforcement Ballroom (booths 20000 – 24000). This display is fully enclosed and will be specifically branded and identified with banners, signs and sponsor logos to provide an ample traffic flow of manufacturers, product designers, research and development professionals, buyers, distributors and outdoor media members. Each product will be scannable via the SHOT Show Mobile App, providing feedback and follow-up opportunities after the show to both the center’s visitors and supplier exhibitors.

Suppliers planning to exhibit at the 2018 Supplier Showcase are invited to reserve their space in the new Supplier Showcase Product Development Center now. Those suppliers who have already completed their registration to exhibit at the 2018 Supplier Showcase can simply add the Product Innovation Center in their Exhibitor Dashboard.

More than 450 third-party suppliers are committed to the 2018 Supplier Showcase. We encourage all registered exhibitor suppliers to participate in the Supplier Showcase Product Development Center. Have questions about how your product will be displayed or need more information on how this new center can benefit you? Contact me at, or Chris Tatulli, NSSF Director, Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales at