Doug VanderWoude - SHOT Show University - Firearms range

Get out of the dark ages and give today's recreational shooters the high-tech ranges they want.

This fall, NSSF published several articles about the amenities and facility upgrades today’s sport and recreational shooters are looking for in their firearms ranges. Bottom line: gone are the days of dark ranges with boring beige paper targets sent back and forth via the tin-can-on-a-string setup. Today’s shooters want more. Much more.

Whether your range is stuck in the “dark ages” and you’re ready to make improvements, or you’re building a new shooting facility from the ground up, our SHOT Show University session “New Range Technologies” is for you. This session will demonstrate how modern range technologies — everything from highly interactive video target systems, the latest in indoor range filtration, live-fire apps and more — can enhance not just the functionality of your firearms range, but the overall customer experience. That improved customer experience is key because, when it’s a great one, they’ll come back to you time and time again, they’ll stay longer and they’ll tell their friends about their experience. All these things work in combination to increase traffic, drive profits and better the return on investment for the improvements you make to your range.

Doug VanderWoude - SHOT Show University - Firearms rangePart of SHOT Show University’s Range learning track, “New Range Technologies” will be moderated by Doug VanderWoude, who’s quickly become a perennial favorite speaker at SHOT Show. VanderWoude is a 32-year veteran of the retail firearms industry, having spent 29 of those years behind a gun counter. He personally created a firearms retail store with an indoor shooting range from scratch and was a charter member of the industry’s first performance group. Today he is a member of NSSF’s Range Committee, and he also serves as a firearms retail and range consultant. VanderWoude has worked over the years with multiple firearms companies on nationwide promotions to drive consumers into ranges, and he is currently involved with helping many firearms retailers improve traffic flow inside their stores and increase profitability.

Taking place Monday, Jan. 22, the day before the 2018 SHOT Show opens, SHOT Show University is NSSF’s premier learning experience for retailers and range owners, providing business owners of all experience levels ways to improve their businesses. The forum is comprised of four learning tracks: Range, Compliance, Retailer 101 and the Master’s Class. Though anyone can attend any learning track, those exploring upgrades or overhauls to existing shooting facilities, as well as those in the process of establishing a new range from scratch, are specifically encouraged to attend the four sessions in the Range learning track.

Registration for the 2018 SHOT Show is now open. Buyers and range owners successfully registering to attend the show can then register to participate in SHOT Show University and other events. NSSF Members receive a discount on their registration fee to attend SHOT Show University.

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