Negligent entrustment of a firearm - retailer seminar

Don’t get caught up in costly and unnecessary litigation. This 2018 SHOT Show Retailer Seminar tells you what you need to know.

Has your FFL encountered an incident of negligent entrustment when it comes to the transfer of a firearm? Do you fully understand what the term “negligent entrustment” means? The phrase is actually more than a century old, but it’s one that’s made headlines only in recent years. It refers to a portion of tort law that holds one party (the entrustor) liable for the negligence of a dangerous instrument by someone else. In our industry, this is the issue that gives rise to retailers, range owners and manufacturers being held liable for someone irresponsibly or criminally handling a firearm, ammunition or other related product and causing harm to another.

Where do your responsibilities for firearms and ammunition sales begin and end? Our don’t-miss 2018 SHOT Show Retailer Seminar, “Negligent Entrustment of a Firearm — A Problem You Don’t Want to Have,” will help answer that question. Moderated by retired ATF Deputy Assistant Director Wally Nelson and noted firearms law Attorney Christopher Renzulli, this session will discuss the concept of negligent entrustment as it applies to the transfer of firearms. The duo will also review the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) and how it protects FFLs — and what it does not. A review of internal controls and business practices firearms dealers can employ to prevent the occurrence of a negligent entrustment of a firearm will also be included.

Christopher Renzulli Chris Renzulli - Negligent entrustmentis a partner with the Renzulli Law Firm. His practice concentrates on civil litigation, with an emphasis on product liability, mass tort litigation, premises liability, professional liability and all aspects of insurance coverage disputes. His work with the firearms and sporting goods industries includes the defense of product defect claims, preparation of product literature, conducting recalls and retrofits and ATF compliance. Renzulli has extensive success obtaining dismissals for his clients pursuant to the PLCAA, and he has unique experience with shooting ranges and the defense of claims of improper design and usage leading to errant bullets, excessive noise, personal injury, nuisance and a host of other charges by neighbors, neighborhood associations and local governments. He appears throughout the country in state and federal courts and before numerous appellate courts. Renzulli earned his B.A. from Pace University, majoring in English and Political Science and where he completed the Pace University Honors Program and Alpha Chi Honors Program. He earned his J.D. from St. John’s University School of Law.

Wally NelsonWally Nelson - Negligent Entrustment of a firearm is a retired ATF Deputy Assistant Director (DAD) with more than 30 years of ATF experience. As DAD, he directed all regulatory firearms programs, including the development and monitoring of firearms inspection programs, licensing, NFA, imports, tracing and regulations, as well as the firearms technology branch. He retired from ATF in October 2005. For the last six years, Nelson has brought his expertise in firearms laws and regulations to firearms industry members as a private consultant, conducting FFL site visits to review required records and sample firearms inventories. He has also provided employee training, helped to develop compliance plans and assisted FFLs of all types and sizes with ATF compliance and licensing issues. Nelson is a member of NSSF’s Retail Compliance Consultant Team.

The Retailer Seminar “Negligent Entrustment of a Firearm — A Problem You Don’t Want to Have” takes place the second day of the 2018 SHOT Show, Wednesday, Jan. 24, from 10:30-11:30 a.m. Registration for the 2018 SHOT Show is now open, and buyers and range owners successfully registering to attend the show can then register for various Retailer Seminars and other educational events.

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