Integration of man and machine used to be the province of big business. Not anymore. Today’s technology now makes it beneficial for the small and mid-sized manufacturer to streamline and integrate their interfacing processes.

Our 2018 SHOT Show Retailer Seminar “Integrated Operations and Compliance in the Small to Mid-Sized Manufacturing Sector” will discuss the foundational regulatory concepts in firearms component and finished goods manufacturing. You’ll learn how to select and leverage enterprise resource planning (ERP) to modernize operations and take control of serialized inventory management, while also broadening supply chains with ATF variances and import/export licensing. Understanding and complying with ATF inspections will also be covered, and we’ll host a special discussion on tapping into today’s trending NFA and suppressor markets.

Integrated Operations and Compliance in the Small to Mid-Sized Manufacturing Sector” will be hosted by Jon Rydberg and Philip Milks.

Retailer Seminar - Jon Rydberg - Man and MachineRydberg has held senior executive positions in both consumer and industrial product industries and has worked for two of the largest global management consulting firms. He is currently the CEO of Orchid Advisors, a partner company, and specializes in the transformation of outdoor sporting goods and firearms industry manufacturing, distribution and retail sectors. In his current capacity, Rydberg has led ERP implementation, regulatory transformation and mergers and acquisitions service delivery for the industry’s largest entities. Approximately 80 percent of firearms sold in the United States are manufactured by Orchid’s consulting, software and education clients. Rydberg has more than two decades of serialized inventory management experience, and he has been involved with large-scale ATF inspections involving 150,000-plus serial numbers and FFLs with staff in excess of 100 employees. A five-time author, Rydberg is an expert in ATF compliance and works closely with NSSF, NASGW, ASA, NRA Business Alliance and three leading firearm law firms.

Milks is an attorney who has worked for both the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and Remington Outdoor Company. While at Remington, Milks served his executive peers as the leader of the company’s corporate compliance function. He played a key role in advising Remington and its subcontract manufacturers in the development of ammunition, suppressors, polymer handguns, modern sporting rifles and imported shotguns. Milks gained relevant legal and regulatory experience by facilitating the acquisition of manufacturing entities, the move of major manufacturing facilities to the southern United States and the implementation of leading ERP systems. He has had numerous professional interactions with national and local ATF leadership while responding to a multitude of high-volume serial number ATF inspections.

The Retailer Seminar “Integrated Operations and Compliance in the Small to Mid-Sized Manufacturing Sector” takes place the third day of the 2018 SHOT Show, Thursday, Jan. 25, from 2:30-3:30 p.m. Registration for the 2018 SHOT Show is now open, and buyers and range owners successfully registering to attend the show can then register for various Retailer Seminars and other educational events.

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