As a quick reminder, NSSF Member exhibitors who have requested booth changes for the 2017 SHOT Show will be contacted next week to discuss potential opportunities. These phone calls will begin Monday, May 16 and last through Thursday, May 19. NSSF Members will be accommodated during this first week, with any remaining opportunities for non-members being offered in the following weeks.

All NSSF Member exhibitors requesting booth changes for the 2017 SHOT Show should have received an email during the last week of April specifying a time during which SHOT Show Management will call to discuss potential accommodations.

“In order to process and accommodate as many booth change requests as possible during a short window of opportunity, it is imperative that we adhere to a set schedule so that each exhibitor participating in the process is called at their appointed time,” said Jeff Pressman, President of ConvExx, NSSF’s show management partner. “With that being said, we will allow for exhibitors who miss their call to call us back. However, please understand that we will move on to other call appointments while we await your return call.

“We understand that everybody is busy during the work day, and next week will present an additional challenge to many because of the upcoming NRA Annual Meetings. We will work to be as accommodating as possible.”

To lessen the burden of waiting, especially for those further down the list of change requests, if enough changes have been completed by those who were earlier in the call queue that further changes are no longer possible, you will receive an email the night before your call appointment notifying you that your booth change request cannot be accommodated.

“We truly want to accommodate every request we can as quickly as we can, and to do that we need all our exhibitors on board with the process,” emphasized Pressman.

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Dave Jeannette is Senior Director, Sales for the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Follow him on Twitter at @DaveJeannette.