New Deadline Tool in Exhibitor Dashboard

Our exhibitors have dozens of deadlines to meet in the months leading up to SHOT Show. Those deadlines appear on the Deadline Checklist on the Exhibitor Dashboard. While we’ll continue to post news items reflecting upcoming deadlines, with the new SHOT Show website we’ve been able to add several interactive components that make organizing these checklist items and meeting those deadlines easier.

The first component that will likely make the most difference to our exhibitors is the reminder feature. Simply click on the reminder icon for the event you wish to be notified about an upcoming deadline, and that event will be added to your Google, Safari (Apple) or Microsoft Outlook calendar, where you can set the reminder for the date and time that works for you, add other people in your staff to the notification and upload supporting documents or notes.

The second component of the revised deadline checklist is the ability for you to organize the deadlines the way you need them. Date order is of course important, but now you can also choose to see the deadlines by item (alphabetized from Audio/Visual & Computer Equipment Rental—Advance Rate down to Visa Letter Request Submitted) or by the contractor that handles a particular item.

Need help with the new website or your exhibitor deadlines? The contact list here, found on your Exhibitor Dashboard, has the names, numbers and emails that can provide solutions, and don’t forget the bright yellow “Questions?” bar on the right side of the home page.