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Helping our industry’s FFLs adhere to ATF rules and regulations is central to our mission here at NSSF. We have a host of resources available to FFLs year-round, but perhaps one of the best places to get a grip and stay on the high road is with the Compliance Learning Track of SHOT University.

The first morning session of this track deals with the two forms FFLs use the most: the Form 4473 and the Multiple Sales Report. As you might imagine, the forms you use the most are the ones you’re most familiar with. That’s certainly a good thing, but it can also produce a tendency to just glance over these forms because you’ve “seen it all, done it all” before. Two of SHOT University’s favorite speakers, NSSF Compliance Consultant Team Members Jean Zabel and Wally Nelson, will walk you through the most common mistakes on these two forms and show you ways to avoid them.

Our second session of the day, “NFA Compliance,” tackles the complexities of working with the extra paperwork and oddities with this hot-hot-hot business segment. Wally Nelson takes the podium again, this time joined by NSSF Compliance Team member Harry McCabe, to explain the ins and outs of the various forms, fingerprint and photo submissions, tax stamps and wait times to help you not only stay compliant but provide exceptional customer service to your clients through your ability to explain the details and set expectations.

Third up is a session all about e-commerce firearms sales. Without a doubt, online sales can be a sure-bet profit center realized through a robust online inventory and the lure of the instant-gratification “Buy Now” button. This is true both for the customers in your own community and those from other states who will require a transfer of the firearm to a hometown FFL. But beyond understanding that e-commerce sales must ultimately be conducted in person in store, there are a host of issues that impact online sales — and not just for firearms. Issues such as taxes, trademarks and the ever-present issue of spam are endemic to online sales, and firearms legal expert Sean Connolly, along with industry consultant and frequent NSSF content contributor John Clark, will explain the what, where, when and how these impact your business.

As sure as the sun comes up every day, at some point every FFL will be inspected by the ATF. If the thought leaves you with sweat beading your brow and your pupils dilating, well, you’re not alone. But what if I told you the experience doesn’t have to be like some scene out of a horror movie? Truth: You can pass an ATF inspection. More truth: You can do it and have your ATF inspector walking away saying, “Now that’s how an FFL should run their business.” If you’re not 100 percent sure your inventory, A&D book and various form files are in tip-top shape, then please let Jean Zabel and Harry McCabe show you the way in the final session of this track.

Anyone reserving a seat for the 2019 SHOT University can take part in all sessions of a learning track or pick and choose from across the four different learning tracks. We especially encourage new FFLs and recently onboarded sales, inventory management and recording-keeping staff of established FFLs to take part in sessions one, three and four, while of course any FFL considering dealing in NFA firearms and accessories and those already participating in this market should attend session two. We also have three mini-courses on schedule, including a “Compliance Q&A,” that are separate from the four full learning tracks, giving everyone a chance to get in some extra compliance know-how.

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