SHOT Show University

Wally Nelosn & Harry McCabeOne of the hottest trends boosting sales among today’s FFLs exists in the NFA arena. With the liberation of suppressor use in more than 40 states, more and more dealers are seeking expanded licensing under National Firearms Act (NFA) regulations, those regulations pertaining to the class of firearms, some ammunitions and accessories that include suppressors, full-autos, short-barrel rifles and shotguns and certain other oddities such as pen and cane guns.

NFA products are a great niche that can deliver relatively high margins, while also providing a way to differentiate your store in a crowded retail environment. The 2018 SHOT Show University session “NFA Compliance” was designed specifically to address the growing pool of NFA dealers seeking to capitalize on these benefits and the attendant need for vigilant compliance. Because these products are highly regulated, their licensing processing times are long and selling them comes with a bevy of cumbersome regulations, they require a good deal of knowledge to market properly. Former ATF deputy assistant directors Harry McCabe and Wally Nelson have teamed up to provide a session that will cover the ins and outs of selling NFA products, from the regulatory requirements and paperwork flow to educating customers about anticipated product delivery dates.

Taking place Monday, Jan. 22, the day before the 2018 SHOT Show opens, SHOT Show University is NSSF’s premier learning experience for retailers and range owners, providing business owners of all experience levels ways to improve their businesses. The forum is comprised of four learning tracks: Range, Compliance, Retailer 101 and the Master’s Class. Anyone attending SHOT Show University can take part in the learning tracks of their choice. Those already established as NFA dealers and those seeking to expand their current FFL footprint by adding this licensing to their ATF and business profiles are particularly encouraged to attend “NFA Compliance,” part of the four-part Compliance track.

Registration for the 2018 SHOT Show is now open. Buyers and range owners successfully registering to attend the show can then register to participate in SHOT Show University and other events. NSSF Members receive a discount on their registration fee to attend SHOT Show University.

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