SHOT Show Registration

With the 2018 SHOT Show registration now open and new protocols for registration in place, we’ve been fielding a number of questions. Two standing out are, “Why is there a new protocol at all?” and, from exhibitors, “How is my staff badge allotment affected by the new process?” Let’s explain the new process and answer these questions.

Email Requirements for All SHOT Show Registrants

The new registration process requires a unique email address for every person registering to attend the show, whether that person is a buyer, exhibitor or media member. We are making a concerted effort to raise the quality level of the people walking the aisles, and that means eliminating the many non-qualified individuals that have been attending, particularly through exhibitor requests.

Upon submitting a registration, the unique email address provided will receive an email containing a “click to confirm” button. Responding via that confirmation button is required to complete that registration. If this step is not taken, there will be no confirmation, and no badge will be mailed in advance of the show or available for printing onsite.

Exhibitor Badge Allotments

While the response to the new efforts to raise the quality of the show has been generally well received, it has prompted questions about staff badge allotments from several exhibitors. NSSF allocates a certain number of staff badges for each exhibitor based on their booth size. It is an estimate of what we believe is needed to staff a booth of that particular size, and that number is the one for which you will receive exhibitor badges without charge.

That said, we know that every exhibitor is unique and has their own challenges and requirements, and NSSF encourages all exhibitor personnel who have a legitimate business purpose for attending to register for the show, regardless that exhibitor’s badge allotment. If an exhibitor needs more badges for their booth than allotted, they may absolutely register additional staff. Each staff badge above the allotment is $50. That’s it. No muss, no fuss. Simply ensure you follow the new registration process with a unique email for each person registered and make sure that staff responds to the confirmation email.

It is important to remember that each individual with an Exhibitor badge can enter the hall earlier than others. We want to ensure that only properly credentialed individuals are in the exhibit hall at the appropriate times. (Attendees with Exhibitor Guest badges are not permitted to enter the hall early.)

Purchasers and Vendors

Exhibitor purchasing professionals are often best classified to attend the SHOT Show as Buyers. Exhibitor vendors are usually more accurately described as Material Suppliers. Please contact Show Management via the information below and discuss your specific needs with these staff members so that their badges accurately reflect their job function at the show.

Why the Change?

We understand the public’s desire to attend SHOT Show. However, we work diligently to maintain the SHOT Show as a trade-only show. People who do not contribute to or participate in the critical business that takes place at the show are a burden on those who are there for business, and many simply want to entice exhibitors to conduct retail sales at the show, which is against our rules. The new process will also help us reduce the number of family, friends and neighbors who are simply taking an annual vacation to Las Vegas and not attending the show in a professional capacity.

In today’s world, we also need to ensure the SHOT Show is doing everything it can to protect the show and its visitors. Unique email addresses provide an added level of security and means of communication with each person attending the show, should the need arise.

Our goal with SHOT Show, as always, is to maintain its integrity as a trade-only event and provide a safe and profitable business environment. We believe the steps being taken through the exhibitor registration process should help accomplish that goal. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and are looking forward to the 2018 SHOT Show — our 40th Anniversary — being the best ever.

Questions about your registration and how to register? Contact Exhibitor Customer Service at 855-355-7468 or email